Khira Frias is a visual artist based in Austin, TX. Born in California, she grew up in Dallas, TX and later left for Austin in 2019 to study art at The University of Texas. Having been raised in a family of painters, musicians, dancers, and actors, art and creative practices have been a consistent presence in Khira's life. Her practice involves a wide range of mediums, with her primary focus on painting and drawing. Her work mainly consists of naturalistic figures where she examines the elegance of the human body in relationship to interpersonal emotions. She depicts universal experiences from anxieties and heartbreak to love and self-assurance. Her work has been featured in the 2020 Halls and Walls Gallery at the Department of Art and Art History, and The Space In Between: 2021 Senior Art Exhibition at The Visual Arts Center, at The University of Texas at Austin. She has also undertaken numerous fine art and design commissions throughout her art career. She continues to create work inspired by her desire for expression and her empathy toward the human condition.